Dr. Leslie Bernstein: 1977 – 1978

Academia, Training, Maturation

Leslie Bernstein, MD, DDS, is double board certified with credentials in dentistry and otolaryngology. He came to the presidency with roots in academia from one of the strongest otolaryngology departments anywhere, the University of Iowa. He taught residents and an annual course in maxillofacial trauma that drew surgeons from all over the world. Prior to his term, he joined the University of California at Davis to head its new department of otorhinolaryngology.

Although Bernstein made great strides to move the Academy and specialty forward, this thirteenth year of the AAFPRS turned out to be unlucky on the personal health front. He had a bleeding ulcer and had to have most of his stomach removed. This did not stop him from delivering on the promise he made in his presidential address: This year would be one of maturation. Bernstein has been recognized for his research in cleft palate and the growth of the nasal septum, among many other honors and awards.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material