Dr. Trent Smith: 1974 – 1975

Formation, Counsel, Recognition

A Renaissance man of facial plastic surgery, Trent W. Smith, MD, rubbed shoulders with many of the great physicians in both general surgery and otolaryngology. He was closely allied—at different times—with both Irving Goldman and Maurice Cottle. Smith was a charter member of the AAFPRS; in fact, he was among the surgeons representing all three facial plastic surgical groups (the Fomon, Goldman, and Cottle groups) who met at the Jack Tarr Lodge in the Bahamas, in 1964, to put together the details of the amalgamation.

Smith served as president of the Academy during a difficult time. “We were trying to get the name of the AMA section changed to regional plastic surgery…but lost out,” he stated. “I was the first president to hire legal counsel for the AAFPRS; that was my real accomplishment. I could see the troubles that were coming with the general plastic surgeons, and I knew we could not handle them alone.”

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material