Dr. Jack Anderson: 1971 – 1972

Influence, Passion, Education

Jack R. Anderson, MD, spent five years as secretary during the formative years of the AAFPRS; it was a natural progression that he would also serve as president. He led by example and is fondly remembered as having the most influence and responsibility for organizing the AAFPRS. Anderson was a visionary leader with passion for the AAFPRS and the specialty of facial plastic surgery. He had a reputation of getting things done, no matter what it would take. He was also very savvy about political nuances and how to best assist the AAFPRS in the long run. Anderson helped to develop the Academy’s fellowship and educational programs and was instrumental in the AAFPRS becoming the first society approved by the AMA to offer continuing medical education credits outside of the university setting. His enthusiasm and deep understanding of “the queen of operations,” i.e., rhinoplasty, led to concepts that still influence modern techniques today.

Later, proof of Anderson’s high regard for the AAFPRS was the gesture he made after winning on appeal a libel suit against the Georgia Society of Plastic Surgeons for their publication of an article critical of the qualifications of a facial plastic surgeon in the early 80s. Anderson donated his $1.2 million award to the AAFPRS. Today, the ABFPRS and its diplomats are a testament to his vision, wisdom, and generosity to the specialty he loved so much.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material