Dr. William Wright: 1970 – 1971

Dissections, Teaching, Quality

William K. Wright, MD, was part of the AAFPRS since its founding in 1964. He served on several committees, was a member of the Board of Directors from 1966-1971, and served as vice president from 1968 until assuming the presidency in 1970. He was an inquisitive scientist, an anatomist, and an otologic surgeon. Wright sought explanations to clinical problems through the effective use of anatomic dissections and cadaver studies. He stated, “As a doctor you have to be a scientist. It’s all a matter of thinking and sharing experiences; making mistakes, and figuring out what you did to cause the mistake.”

Teaching and lecturing also interested Wright. In addition to his work within the Academy, he was a visiting professor of otolaryngology at many American universities and international societies. “We go to improve the quality of medicine,” he explained. “Every time I’ve gone overseas as a guest speaker, I always come back with something I didn’t know before I went. I carry problems around in my head and always try to find new solutions. It’s a benefit of group thinking and group cooperation. That’s what these societies are for.”

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material