Dr. Ira Tresley: 1969 – 1970

Mastery, Observations, Courses

Ira Tresley, MD, was recognized as a master in rhinoplasty. Jack Anderson, MD, stated, “Ira was by far the best rhinoplastic surgeon I have ever seen. He was a master. He was so good that when you saw him operate it was like watching the hands of a fine piano player.”

Tresley was meek and mild in his appearance; however, in the operating room, he became a different person. Although not known for his teaching abilities, he was always willing to have others observe him perform surgery. Tresley was one of the founders of the American Otorhinologic Society for Plastic Surgery—one of the groups that later consolidated to become the AAFPRS. At the time of the amalgamation, Tresley was elected to be one of the first four vice presidents. He made meaningful contributions to the AAFPRS—going beyond rhinoplasty—and was very involved in the AAFPRS sponsored courses.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material