Dr. John Conley: 1966 – 1967

Spokesperson, Innovation, International

The Academy was young and reaching out for acceptance and recognition. The reputation of John Conley, MD, as the foremost head and neck cancer surgeon in the world lent tremendous stature to the young AAFPRS. He was touted as the best spokesperson, not only for his ability to verbalize about facial plastic surgery but also to demonstrate surgically what a well-trained, well-rounded otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon should be.

As a prominent New York otolaryngologic surgeon, Conley was well known for his innovations in the surgical treatment and reconstruction of cancer of the head and neck; he also worked at developing new techniques for facial nerve grafting, rehabilitating the larynx, and mandibular restoration. A world traveler, Conley performed operations and conducted surgical conferences throughout the world. His international contacts extended beyond the boundaries of otolaryngology and were instrumental in later developing the Academy’s first international symposium. He had an ecumentical approach and was able to get all sorts of people involved, including general plastic surgeons.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material.