Dr. John Dickinson: 1965 – 1966

Politics, Teacher, Compassion

Previous to his presidency at the Academy, John T. Dickinson, MD, had been president of the American Otorhinologic Society, sometimes known as the Fomon group. He was considered a heavy hitter and politically very astute. He had been the Academy’s representative on the AMA councils and was one of the people who started the first collection of slides and tapes that eventually became the John T. Dickinson Memorial Library.

His love for teaching benefited the Academy. He helped develop the Academy’s early courses in soft tissue surgery and maxillofacial work. He was also credited with starting the first clinical bone bank in the nation, pioneering work in several types of ear operations and founding a clinic for deaf children. Patients and colleagues recalled him as a compassionate and gentle man who brought a sense of humanity to his work. His contributions to the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery were tremendous.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material.