Dr. Robert Kellman: 2012 – 2013

Capital, PR, Reconstructive

The success of the capital campaign allowed the Academy to move forward with the educational portal (LEARN), Research Center, and expansion of the FACE TO FACE programs. Robert M. Kellman, MD, ensured steady progress and supported those in leadership positions. Another meaningful accomplishment was hiring Melissa Kelz and her team to handle the public relations activities. In addition to the increase in media presence, the quality of the media spots also improved. Kellman’s focus on strengthening the “R” in AAFPRS was stated in his acceptance speech as a priority and he followed through. A task force was headed by Jeff Spiegel, MD, and Daniel S. Alam, MD; as a result, the Fall Meeting included some significant reconstructive components.

In thinking of the leaders that will follow and the pending development of an ACGME pathway, Kellman comments, “Our achievements in facial plastic surgery have been the result of carefully measured, noble, and often valiant efforts by many of our members and leaders over the last 50 years. As I have warned before, if we take these for granted and fail to recognize the threats to our status that may sometimes be hidden within our successes, we may inadvertently forfeit some of our hard-won gains.”

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material