Dr. Vito Quatela: 2007 – 2008

Vigilance, Preceptorships, Alliance

Through tumultuous economic times, the Academy fared well. Vito C. Quatela, MD, had a vision toward financial independence and worked to set the stage to focus on membership long-term giving and industry support. Educational venues were successful. A proactive Trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon campaign was launched at the Fall Meeting. This was an attempt to avoid being in a mode that is reactive and defensive about our outstanding qualifications as the primary providers of facial plastic surgery. The campaign consisted of advertorials, posters, print ad kits, press releases, videos, and more. Quatela states, “Vigilance as a mantra has been a hallmark of this year. The Academy’s reputation in its role as the premier providers of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery must be preserved and protected…At all costs, we must protect our name, our specialty, and therefore our future…we have monitored events that either lend confusion to our name, what we do, or are injurious to our reputation.”

One of Quatela’s goals was to strengthen the bonds with international colleagues by offering formalized, observational preceptorships. The formalized process would leverage the application and screening through the IFFPSS and the recognition coming jointly from them and the AAFPRS. There was also renewed alliance with the AAO-HNS this year and their formation of a council of otolaryngology subspecialties that promised to represent the needs of subspecialty organization. This provided a more appropriate forum for improvements in discussions concerning meeting venues, meeting agendas, educational content, and any other needs of our specialty.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material