Dr. Peter Hilger: 2006 – 2007

Council, Web, MOC

It was a great honor and pleasure serving as president of the Academy in 2007, and I am always reluctant to take personal credit for any of the Academy’s success. As I noted in my presidential message in November of 2006, “Significant successes are rarely the child of a single individual or accomplished in isolation.” The creativity and the hard work of the committee members and the wisdom of the Board of Directors are necessary for a meaningful achievement.

Thus, as I reflect back on the innovations achieved during that year, I am appreciative of the fact that leadership teams that preceded and followed my term in office were part of ongoing efforts to improve education and enhance physicians’ practices. During this year, we implemented the Technology Industry Leadership Council. This was a joint effort with the leadership of the Academy and strong partners in industry. The goal was to develop closer relations so that both groups could benefit from innovative efforts in creating new products and facilitating research.

In addition, the Academy’s Web site was redeveloped and implemented with particular emphasis on creating an attractive site that would be a dynamic tool to facilitate patients finding facial plastic surgeons in their community. The Web site was initially conceived during Dr. Larabee’s tenure as president. Then, as now, it continues to be an evolving structure and it was a pleasure to add additional features during my time as president.

Maintenance of Certification (MOC) also became a meaningful concept. During that time, we felt the Academy needed to create a structure to participate in the educational components of MOC. The first ABFPRS MOC exam was implemented and the leadership made a very visible presence at the first exam. It was also a source of considerable humor as the bright, younger leaders of the Board examined senior members of the organization.