Dr. Steven Pearlman: 2004 – 2005

Bylaws, Certification, Tax

The theme of my presidency was to continue the hard work from my predecessors, following the quote by Sir Isaac Newton “on the shoulders of giants.” The Board of Directors spearheaded a number of bylaws changes that have profoundly transformed the AAFPRS. First, bylaws changes became subject to a vote by mail, to match the vote for AAFPRS officers. Subsequently, the bylaws were changed to expand the Nominating Committee that would have the option of choosing two traditional presidential nominees or allowing a single candidate if there was a clear standout and worthy nominee. We also promoted patient safety by requiring certification of office operating rooms for all members.

The other major issue facing the Academy was a cosmetic surgery tax proposed in a number of states that was defeated with our help. I also facilitated the selection of a new public relations company and initiated a revamp of the Web site. Lastly, the Fall Meeting set new precedents with the help of the chairs, Randy Waldman, MD, and Donn Chatham, MD, by including all courses in a universal fee for admission.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material