Dr. Keith LaFerriere: 2003 – 2004

Finances, Strategy, Accreditation

This was a fortunate time for the Academy and Foundation as we celebrated our 40th anniversary. Our mission of providing excellent education opportunities for our members was realized with all of our instruction courses being innovative, well attended, on budget, and finishing in the black. The trend of the previous two years continued as both the Academy and the Foundation finished the year with significant growth in financial reserves.

With the absence of controversial issues, focus on internal improvements led to the implementation of a new comprehensive association management software system, bringing us in line with the 21st century. A dynamic Q-5 (five quarter) plan was instituted to better track progress on the strategic plan, while at the same time focusing a year ahead. Initial meetings with representatives of the ASPS and ASAPS to jointly discuss scope of practice issues, patient safety, education and research collaborative opportunities, and political concerns took place, starting a process that is still evolving. Accreditation of our members’ office based surgical facilities was mandated, starting with the fellowship directors.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material