Dr. Russell Kridel: 2000 – 2001

Meetings, Insert, Communication

One major change this year was the establishment of set venues and times for the major courses, Aging Face and Rhinoplasty. The goal was to have a consistent meeting city and hotel for the major courses to make it easier to organize, maintain high quality, and serve to traditionalize those courses. The Academy participated in a successful ENT Extra insert of USA Today, sponsored by the AAO-HNS. There was a special section highlighting facial plastic surgery.

Russell W.H. Kridel, MD, promised to increase electronic communication, and followed through with an electronic e-mail newsletter summarizing Academy activities, latest topic summaries, and links to various media outlets. A task force on membership was established to improve retention and recruiting. Kridel continued to work with the AAO-HNS in the legislative process to ensure appropriate input to state boards of medical examiners, medical associations, and state legislatures.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material