Dr. Richard Holt: 1997 – 1998

Subcertification, Cooperation, Inspiration

This year, the Academy moved into its new headquarters building in Alexandria, Va., thanks to the efforts of Peter Adamson, MD, the Building Committee, and Steve Duffy. G. Richard Holt, MD, dedicated significant time to discuss and deliberate the development of a subspecialty certificate by the American Board of Otolaryngology. At the same time, Holt pursued possible areas of common interest with surgical specialty colleagues in the area of plastic, oral, oculoplastic, and dermatologic surgery. He was a strong believer that collegiality in medical education is required for the proper nourishment of the profession.

Holt reflects in his president’s report, “When a tough decision has to be made, we must be guided by what effect it will have on education, patient care, and the integrity of our society. To all members, I wish to extend the reminder that we are first human beings who need and give love, then physicians who have a responsibility to treat the whole patient, and finally, facial plastic surgeons with a calling to strive for excellence in the delivery of this special care which we are blessed to provide.”

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material