Dr. John Hilger: 1987 – 1988

Credentials, Examination, Accreditation

One of a long line of physicians, John R. Hilger, MD, counts eight physicians in his family; his father, Andrew W. Hilger, MD, was an otolaryngologist and practiced 50 years in Minnesota. Family members and also AAFPRS presidents include Jerome Andrew Hilger, MD, (1979-1980) and Peter Andrew Hilger, MD, (2006-2007). This strong family medical tradition is a source of great pride to him.

Hilger was the first otolaryngologist in the Northwest United States to limit his practice to facial plastic surgery, paving the way for those that came after him. He served as chairman of the Credentials Committee for the western region from 1972 to 1976, and then became national Credentials Committee chair until assuming his position as president in 1987. His presidential year was marked by the initiation of the first Graduate Fellows Examination. This initiative heralded the beginning of the intellectual and organizational framework for wider testing of facial plastic surgeons. In addition, the move toward accreditation of outpatient surgical facilities for facial plastic surgeons was initiated. These two efforts helped move facial plastic surgeons toward a greater leadership role in modern medicine.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material