Dr. Richard Goode: 1984 – 1985

Policy, Planning, Education

Richard Goode, MD, began attending courses sponsored by the AAFPRS. “The Academy had a wonderful group of physicians who were excellent teachers,” he notes, citing Jack Anderson, MD; William Wright, MD; and G. Jan Beekhuis, MD. “Anderson, in particular, really opened doors for me in rhinoplasty surgery, teaching concepts I wasn’t even aware of.”

Goode has wide interests in woodworking, philosophy, and technology. His niche was inventing improved technology to make the physician’s life easier, and thus, the patient’s life too. During his presidency, he is remembered as having a great sense of humor and a keen ability to get members involved in much of otolaryngology beyond just facial plastic surgery. His term focused on setting policy and long-range planning. Goode was president at a time when “things were pretty quiet, similar to Eisenhower’s administration,” he says. “We spent a lot of time working on expanding the educational program.”

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material