Dr. Howard Smith: 1983 – 1984

Autonomy, Interactions, Direction

Howard W. Smith, MD, DMD, first became active in the Academy at the request of William Wright, MD, when he agreed to work on the Credentials Committee—time consuming and very important. From that post, he moved up to a regional vice presidency and took over a leadership role, organizing the vice presidents to run regional meetings, getting involved in credentialing, and recruiting new members. As president of the AAFPRS in 1983, one of Smith’s primary concerns was to make sure that the AAFPRS was an autonomous, independent entity and not treated as a stepchild of the AAO-HNS. He pushed to have the offices moved upstairs and away from the AAO-HNS and worked with Lee VanBremen, both in consolidating records in a central office and in purchasing a computer system.

While the Academy was in flux trying to define itself within organized medicine, Smith came prepared with an outline of what should take place. He was known to speak his mind and was very good at handling some of the personal interactions about leadership and the direction in which things should be moving.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material