Dr. Charles Krause: 1981 – 1982

Academia, Membership, Residents

Level-headed with experience in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, Charles Krause, MD, brought a new focus of academia back to the Academy. His effort as president first centered on upgrading training programs for facial plastic surgeons; he had previously participated on the Residency Review Committee for six years. The Academy was still going through many changes as an institution. Meetings continued to be held with the general plastic surgeons, the new administrator was not working out as anticipated, and members were embroiled in debate over the soon-to-be-filed Georgia lawsuit, as well as AAFPRS-sponsored paid advertising.

Krause handled the challenges and made headway to meet his presidential goals of increasing membership and strengthening the residency training programs. Specifically, Krause initiated special consideration for fellowship applicants who planned to teach in a training program, produced a handbook of basic information for residents, developed a package of materials and equipment for soft tissue workshops, and arranged the donation of instructional videotapes for all residency training programs in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material