Dr. Sidney Feuerstein: 1980 – 1981

Policies, Legislation, Transition

Sidney S. Feuerstein, MD, has held several leadership positions within the AAFPRS, including participation on the Steering Committee for the First International Symposium and serving on the Board of Directors, among many others. He has a long history of course involvement and caring participation in the Academy’s policies. Feuerstein was particularly interested in legislative action, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issue, and in double-boarded surgeons. Right after his presidential address to the AAFPRS membership, he went to speak to the double-boarded members of the general plastic surgeons’ society. It was the first time a president of either society had addressed the members of the other.

Feuerstein says, “I served as president during the time I would classify as the transition period. Our principal office was in Chicago, and plans were being formulated to move to Washington, D.C. This was a critical period, a time of continuing strife with the general plastic surgeons. Since we lacked the luxury of a full-time executive director, the burden of maintaining our growth and momentum was carried on by my office staff in New York. I recall making six trips to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington to obtain pertinent information in the FTC’s investigation into the restraint of trade problem with the general plastic surgeons. It was a difficult year, but fortunately our efforts subsequently helped us achieve well-deserved recognition of our Academy and its goals.”

Note: Summary taken from Academy printed material